What is PhD thesis?

Having chosen, since its inception, in the far away 1983, a high-end positioning, has no problem to provide its collaboration also for the realization of research doctorate theses, whose level is obviously superior to the three-year or master’s theses.

The performance modalities of our services remain the same, the interaction with the customer is very close and our function of “ghostwriting” is accentuated, since our task becomes more than ever to support those who turn to us in carrying out work of objective complexity and difficulty. No indulgence, therefore, for practices such as “copy and paste”, but giving the maximum possible space for interaction with those looking for serious work and who can help them buy time or draw up a “background work” on which to subsequently develop a text of absolutely personal type.

The basic objective is to provide those who turn to us the closest and most personalized assistance possible – not only in Italian, if required – in order to provide a high quality service, which is what inspires our action for the past 36 years, of which 19 have been on the Net.

One of the most significant features of the PhD theses is that in general they are complex works, very complex, always longer than 100-120 pages, and even more. It is therefore necessary to treat them with extreme care, but this does not prevent us – at least on certain subjects – from making every effort to succeed, in case of need, in giving our contribution to the realization of even urgent or urgent jobs, provided that an agreement is reached with the client regarding time and costs.

To date, has worked in the field of doctoral thesis, but as the quality of the service provided has grown, so has the desire to do more and better.