Unless it is a 15-20 page term paper, it cannot be done.
However, an organization like ASER exists – and has existed for a long time (35 years!) – to help people solve even very complicated situations.

Let’s look at some classic cases, starting with the most common:

Case 1)

I handed the thesis to the teacher and he discovered that it was largely copied.

The first thing to say, in this regard, is that it is incredible how, after so many years of spreading anti-plagiarism software, now widely used in all universities, a still very large number of students have not understood how to write a thesis. original, underestimating the ability to identify plagiarism.

The result is that many students try to “make smart” and are caught with their hands blatantly in the bag, with the result of having the thesis rejected by the sender, perhaps a few days before having to present it to the Faculty secretary in order to be admitted to the ‘graduation exam.

It is obvious that seeing oneself reject the thesis with the invitation to do it again in a very short time is much better than being subject to various types of sanctions, but the fact remains that the student finds himself, a few days after the thesis has been submitted, without having nothing in hand.

This is equivalent to writing a useless thesis, to be torn up. Here Tesidilaurea.net takes over, which, making itself strong with its experience and above all its dense network of tutors, can perform the miracle of drawing up a complete work within a few days and certifying that it is an original work to an extent not less than 85% of the total text, ie an absolutely acceptable and above all permitted percentage.

We are obviously faced with a solution of absolute emergency, but useful to face and resolve situations such as the risk of having to skip a graduation session and – often and willingly – having to pay university fees again, moreover aggravated by the fact of being gone out of course.

As is obvious, Tesidilaurea.net cannot guarantee a priori to be able to resolve all the situations that will be submitted to it, but it can certainly guarantee that every effort will be made to allow to overcome this eventual unexpected difficulty.

Case 2)

I moved to make the thesis with great delay and now I realize that I won’t be able to finish it in time.

This is also a fairly widespread condition and, if it is true that it is different and less serious than the previous one, it is also true that it places the student in the same condition previously cited: not being able to graduate.

In such cases, the best thing to do is not so much to understand how to write a thesis in the shortest possible time – given that time, in this case, there is not – as to rely entirely on a structure like Tesidilaurea.net , which will mobilize all the available tutors and will try to produce a job in the shortest possible time, in order to allow the client to present a complete thesis to the teacher in time.

If the customer has already written a part of the text, obviously Tesidilaurea.net will try to use it as much as possible, naturally after having verified that it is not a question of copied parts.

Case 3)

I have an absolute emergency, due to the most different personal reasons, and I need a complete thesis within a few days.

Also in this case Tesidilaurea.net is able to find a solution on how to write a perfect, original and unique thesis.

One of the essential points of the ASER corporate strategy (responsible for Tesidilaurea.net) is in fact that for which the practice of recycling existing theses (changing some simple formal aspect for cosmetic purposes) is absolutely and unequivocally to be rejected.

This reality, in fact, never takes into consideration requests aimed at having a thesis already prepared and copied, and declines them politely, as this type of approach is not part of its corporate policies.

To conclude, almost certainly a thesis in 3 hours is not feasible, unless it is a very short term paper, but certainly in a few days it is.

Contact Tesidilaurea.net and we will see that we do everything we can to find a solution on how to write a thesis, with the utmost professionalism.